Why "Lodge Tower"?

There has been a great number of suggestions from the 120 founding brethren but eventually, on the day, "Lodge Tower" won. The name was taken from the Peel Tower which was, at the time, situated in Dunkenny Road, Drumchapel. According to history, it was built in the 1700's and was said to have been use by shepherds and travelers for shelter. There is a legend that rustlers and sheep stealers were hanged there, but more likely, reading from the information about our sister lodges, Lodge Knightswood 1445 and Lodge Western 1345, it was a lookout tower for the Knights Templar and crusaders, as the location was at the furthest point of a triangle which encompassed Drumchapel, Killermont and Knightswood being the North West, Norther East and the South of their main camp in this area. Old survey maps also show strong links with the Knights Templar.