Lodge History and Memories

In 1954, two brethren from Lodge St John Kilwinning Kirkintilloch No.28 were travelling back to Drumchapel from a meeting in their Mother Lodge. Bro.George A. Kidd, and Bro.Thomas Hastie, who came up with the idea of forming a lodge in Drumchapel but would there be any ‘interest’?

They spoke to seven other brethren and arranged a meeting in George’s house at 7 Ladyburn Place. They discussed at length the formation of a new Lodge in the area. Each brother then produced certificates proving they were qualified members of the craft, and formed themselves into a committee for the purpose of forming a Lodge of Freemasons.

They placed a notice in the Evening Times, calling all Freemasons in the area to a meeting which was held in Ladyburn School. This was an instant success an encouraged the brethren to hold further meetings. Eventually 120 brethren proved they were worthy members of the craft, and signed up after proving to be clear members of their Lodges. They were therefore entitled to apply to become founder members of the new Lodge.

The Charter Master was then chosen, and Bro.George A. Kidd was then elected to become the Master of the Lodge when it was formed.

The Charter of the Lodge was granted at the quarterly communication of the Grand Lodge of Scotland on the 1st November1956 under the title Lodge Tower No.1523 on the Roll or Register of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Old survey maps have shown that the area has strong links with these the Knight’s Templar.

The first regular meeting of the Lodge was held in Airgold school on Friday, the 23rd November 1956. It is interesting to note that one of the main items of business that night was the reading of 12 applications to join the Lodge. What a promising beginning!